Alten Interieurs

Jalan Pemuda Shappire Boulevard Blok B No 2B

Full project interior Ms.X at new landed house . The landed house is finished on Okt 2016..

Job Description on Interior Design and Build

- Master Bed Room

- Foreign Bed Room

- Living  Room

- Kitchen and Dining Room

- Pantry etc

- Ceiling Design

Project style recomendation from the owner house want to "Modern Minimalist"

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The Original Superdog is old client from Alten Interieurs. Since The Original Superdog born 2 - 3 renovation was work done.

And the new project in here is different after move "The Original Superdog" new place.

The Ambience is Naturaly a lot of outdoor public space with DIY landscape from owner

And the Alten Interieurs just set up a furniture,lighting spot ,wall ornament , repaint door,wall backdrop in the main room & retouch minimalist fascade..

A lot of furniture FnB just rebuild with style Scandinavian, Rustic mixed Traditional Ethnic



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