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Jalan Garuda Belakang 110

This project is inspired by the owner’s wishes that demands a novel idea that distinguish from his recent homes. The theme “resort” with earth colour was our proposal that they agreed. In this project, the combination of material exploration such as woven rattan, copper, and a see-through partition from PVC are used to presents a pleasant distinct idea as well as to provide a lux-resort bliss atmosphere.

In the living room, abstract artwork is placed to become the centrepiece of the room. The placing of this artworks is attempt to evoke curiosity and caught the eye of anyone who come across this room.

Master bedroom is the main concern, ornament patterns in vivid detail is poured out to the area where the client will spend most of their time, break from their daily routines.

Cibubur   |   5 Photos

This project is a contemporary themed house with a touch of Balinese tropical design, inspired by the owner's passion of this island. He's been frequently traveling and enjoying beautiful and luxurious hotels, thus, he wishes a home that could resembles a feeling of lavish experience he had in Bali.

Bali has known for its rich cultural elements and ornaments. Hence, the ornament we use connect line that tied-up the entire design.

In the guest room, geometrical ornaments that simplified into a new ornament is used as a “welcome greeting” of the house. A painting with ‘tajen’ theme as a Balinese tradition signature is placed to strengthen the Bali-inspired ambience.

In the living room, large windows are placed in every room to celebrates the interaction between rooms and its nature surroundings. It also floods each room with natural light and cool breeze that flows free, create a good circulation flow.

Awiligar   |   4 Photos

Saka Bistro and Bar project is an interior renovation project. The aim of the renovation is to present an interior that could accommodate a wider target market; from a group of people who come over to have a family dining time to youngsters who want to enjoy beer on the evening. It features 3 different areas with 3 different themes to tackle the variety of demands and enthusiasms from the diversity of customers who come along to this place.

The family dining room section designed with the dominance of dark colours, along with some accent of colours on the floor and mural ambient behind the bar. The lighting is arranged to be more vivid, to suit the needs of older guests in having a more comfortable dining experience.

The lounge section designed to be more attractive, with the dominance of dark blue and green colours. This area is filled by comfortable couches and lounge chairs. This section is intentionally designed for youngsters who is tend to keen on dynamic and attractive design.

Karang Tinggal   |   10 Photos

The project is a renovation of a coffee shop in a shop-house. The owner wanted to have a bright impression to its interior. The design is carrying a Scandinavian concept, with the dominance of white colour as well as light wood hue to achieve a brighter impression of the space. 

On the ground floor, there are counter area, pantry, and seating area for small group. On the second floor, the space is divided into two parts; VIP area and another seating group. Shelves instead of massive wall is used as a curtain/ barrier between those 2 areas to create a lighter sense between space, but still provide a private experience for the VIP area. 

Bright and vivid colours filled the interior as the owner’s wishes, whereas black and blue, which is the identity colours of Freepolite itself, are applied as an accent throughout the interior elements.

Grand Galaxy   |   4 Photos

This Resort Boutique Hotel is located by the beautiful tabanan beach. The basic idea of its interior design was raised from contemporary shapes and the dark tabanan sands tone. It also brings local theme that inspired from exoticism of this goddes island, as well as the used of “penjor” detail as an ornament idea that then be the signature elements of this hotel.

Exotic feeling emerged from dark tone of wood materials and range of colours that is inspired from sunset, seas, leaves, and sand that applied to the interiors furnishing.

Penjor detail is applied as an accent in ornament details throughout the rooms, furniture, and lamps. Sense of exoticism is maintained through the selection of materials with special textures like copper, rustic wood and rustic steel.

The purpose of this entire idea to this hotel design are to to express a modern look combined with local Bali elements that meant for vacation and leisure, as well as maintain the connectivity of design in every rooms. 

Tabanan   |   7 Photos

This project is an apartment penthouse that functioned as a leisure sanctuary and a transit home for the owner. The design is carrying a ‘resort theme’ with tropical nuance by creating a fresh and comfortable atmosphere to accomplish the sense of ‘leisure’.

It features rattan as a main idea to presents the tropical and natural impression. The exploration of this main idea of using rattan is applied as a series of interior elements such as in partition pattern in foyer area, furniture materials, some artworks and hanging lamps.

Rattan material is also served as a wall panel to strengthen the tropical inspired interior of this penthouse. Moreover, the choice of natural colour palettes throughout the interior is chosen to create a calm and relaxed environment.

Alam Sutera   |   7 Photos

A dwelling in a bright interior look, furnished with warm wood combined with marble surfaces, creating a modern contemporary aesthetic, for a young marriage couple that lives here. With a touch of gold decor, this modern look is given a charm.

Shelf arrangement paired with a great piece of painting to fullfil a focal point in this living room. It's also applied in the kitchen and pantry area, where the storage is also comply the decoration task.

A bedroom is the perfect space to go bold with detail accents. we made a statement in this bedroom by combining depth of line in the backdrop and a stylish side table. To compliment the idea, we designed the bedhead application to be an element that will instantly draw the eye into the space. This ornament is inspired by the organic shape of twigs that enhance its natural surrounding.

Cianjur   |   11 Photos

A coffeeshop with industrial style located in grand galaxy, bekasi

Grand galaxy   |   3 Photos