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Ruko Golden 8 blok E no 3 Gading serpong, Tangerang

SA House is located in a residential area at Ince Nurdin street, Makassar. The SA House concept is trying to pulverize geometries to create an unique geometry with “extrude-intrude” effect that in turn will create canopies and spatial pace in this house. This house is an “introvert”, that’s why the openings such as the windows and doors are minimized at the front side, and maximized the openings at the center and the rear side with a private garden as the center point of the house. The private garden is connected to the backyard with grass ramp, connecting this house to the parent’s house.

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The Karang Anyar Lakeside Park is a public park located in Palembang, right next to Karang Anyar Mosque. With most of the park developed as a fish pond and river, patrons can enjoy walking in the forest like park with trees that produce fresh fruits and gardens while seeing others playing and feeding fish in the pond. the lakeside park are also surrounded by other facilities in this karang anyar masterplan complex, such as shophouses, restaurants, and also a public waterpark, creating a perfect combination for your weekend destination.

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Located in palembang next to a lakeside park , our design approach are centered around how the local culture blends with modernism. combining what people call "Rumah panggung" and modern geometries we created a fresh yet humble design. combinations of glass, exposed bricks, and wooden elements created a warm, down to earth ambience which in turn endorses a good rest. small ponds and big pine trees are planted surrounding the house to create a cabin in the woods feel.

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Maxxis Apartment is a luxury living apartment located in a factory complex in cikarang which is designed for the company leaders and manager of PT Maxxis international. The Apartment provides comfortable spaces for the guests from overseas with 4 star hotel facilites such as spa, restaurant, pool, karaoke rooms, and also private golf course and basketball court.

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The Warm Void is a private residential project located in BSD city , Tangerang. with 4 bedrooms centralized within a 27 sqm void for a natural air circulation and natural lighting. the design aims to create a comfortable residence abundant with natural light and fresh air. With minimalism approach to reduce the maintenance needed , this house consists of 4+1 bedrooms , a living room , kitchen and dining rooms, aslo an internal garden to provide fresh air circulation and lighting.

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The T house is a private residential project with the site positioned at a hoek part of the cluster. The house is located in a mountainous area with a very good view towards the city of bandung. Due to its rainy and humid climate, long spans of layered canopies are needed which we also use as its main facade component. Maximizing the great view towards the mountains and city of bandung, large windows and sliding doors are placed at every part of the facade to let the residents enjoy breathtaking views.

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Flip house is located at Sunrise Garden Residences, West Jakarta, Surrounded by clusters of residentials this private house aims to be the iconic modern and natural house concept in this residential area. The house consists of 3 floor levels, the first level is for service area such as kitchen, garage, maid room, etc. The second floor is for public area consists living room, dining room, kitchen & bar, and guest room, and the third floor is the private area for the bedrooms and its all connected by elevator and stairs.

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Bharata Hotel , located in solo aims to be one of the best traveler hotel for foreign tourists and also as a local hub for the surrounding folks. 

with 20 hotel units and facilities of restaurants, bar, swimming pol and lounge, the hotel guests can expect a relaxing and close to nature experience at bharata hotel.

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Apartment Raden saleh is a mid-scale residential consisting of more than 800 apartment units, townhouses, and private parks.


with and urban approach towards the development, we provided urban communal hub at the ground floor area. with live music and fnb areas, this development will not function as a secluded gated community but as a part of urban lifestyle

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Located in the tropical paradise, this project adopts the traditional design elements for its concept. with natural materials and stones dominating the space, we created a homey and a very relaxing ambience for our client 

Even though the space itself is very thigh, by carefully planning the lay outs we managed to provide a proper house with living rooms, bars, kitchen, and even backyard for a green touch to put the soul into the design

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The Grid house is located in the Green Garden residential district, Jakarta Barat, Which is one of the most populous residential area in Jakarta.

The Concept design is derived from grid lines which can be seen from the lay out and the facade of the House 

Natural materials are chosen to give a comfortable ambience within the interiors and also a refreshing experience on the exterior.

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Located in villa tomang mas , this residential project is quite a challenging project. 

our client asked us to design his residence with a luxury look without using any expensive materials. thus we proposed this modern zen design using only white paint , glass, black paint, and rosters as the facade.

with 4 bedrooms, meeting room, swimming pool, and also a roof garden, this house will be the place our client call heaven

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The One Alba Semarang is a premium residential project located in semarang.


with 21 units of premium condominiums, 6 luxury condominium, and a rooftop penthouse, this premium property aims to be the best luxury property piece in semarang

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Satu 8 Apartment units interior design.

with a very compact space our client wanted a design concept that could bring out the beauty of the limited space with also a limited budget.

with a modern scandinavian concept, we designed the 2 bedrooms , living room, and also pantry and dining room to accomodate the young family

pastel colors are chosen to make the already small space enjoyable and light, with easy to maintain furnitures and  

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Interior design of public areas for Maqna residence. the design style of modern luxury combined with soft colors to create a calming and comfortable environment for the residents.

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