alexander and philips

Hegarmanah Wetan 26

House in Bandung


a new family is seeking for a new home to build.

with a taste bud for new classicism.


a timeless beauty of greek temples shaped by their proportion.

with huge blocks, where the air shifts in between the columns forming symphony.

and symmetry acting as an idea for order, beauty and perfection.

nevertheless they still have affinity to the modern housing.


we fond to picture themselves having a cup of tea in the foyer

,accompanied by beethoven himself playing a sonata during the dawn.

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Comercial_Korean Village in Bandung


Ego and idealism are architect and client biggest argument.


In our second attempt, we tried to put them aside.

We want to capture our client's need of commerce.


A new blank canvas for our practice,

With stages of development.

Emphasizing on culture and art.


We want you to vision it as a place for...

A second home...

A place to enjoy the morning breeze...

And an oasis for you to reminisce...

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Commercial _Korean Village in Bandung


Indonesia is known for its diversity of culture.

It is certain that openness to foreign practices.

has made Indonesia as it is.


In this present time, acculturation has been a common thing.

A bussiness project from a foreigner has come up as a challenge.


He believes in



And Love...


A plan with those payful senses,

would save an abandoned project to come to life,


it's a start of a new pangea.

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Villa in Lampung


A renovation, in the natural islands of Lampung.4


A breathtaking site overlooking the ocean and the hills, every angle is a picture worthy.

(wave crushes) ~~~


A satisfactory to the naked eye, it is just..



and simply rewarding,

i bet we could make the perfect gataway...

(wind breezes) ~~~

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House in Bandung


a small site in the highlands of Bandung.



and comforting.

a panoramic view throughout the city skyline.

a perfect escape!


the owner is a lecturer,

with kind and wise personality.


love nature and wanterd a place of tranquility,

a peaceful place to have one cup of coffee in the morning,

and two cups of tea to enjoy the evening

[ wind breezes] ~ ~ ~

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