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Gading Residence House at Jakarta.

Gading Residence   |   5 Photos

Proposed design for Batununggal House, Bandung

Batununggal Indah   |   3 Photos

Barberbos is a gentlemen’s grooming house, located in Surya Sumantri street, Bandung. The idea is to bring the classic American ambience to this small but packed barbershop, with a manly and bold design. The furnitures are also designed and custom made from scratch, giving a unique touch to this project.

Surya Sumantri   |   5 Photos

Laboratorium Klinik Pramita, Magelang, Jawa Tengah.

Magelang   |   3 Photos

A house located in North Bandung, with a rather large land area, the owner only wants to build 1/3 from their land. An innercourt between service and main house area, gives the natural lighting and a spacious feelings.

Pondok Hijau   |   5 Photos

Nomnom Eatery is a small cafe located at the heart of Bandung. The details come from the owner and also from customers creativities where they can come and paint on the designated walls.

Bandung   |   5 Photos

Canggu house is a holiday home owned by a family in Jakarta. With Bali weather, we would like to give natural air circulation and natural lightings as much as we could. Therefore, lots of glazed walls, high ceiling, open spaces, and warm tones.

Canggu, Bali   |   5 Photos