Jl. Amanah No. 7 Marpoyan Damai, Pekanbaru, Riau

Project/Proyek : House/ Rumah Tinggal

Architect/Arsitek : Raditya Mohamad (building) in colaboration with Tim3 Solo (Open Deck)

Location/Lokasi : Kampial, Nusa Dua, Bali

Building Area /Luas Bangunan : 248 m2 (existing), 378 m2 (after renovation) Open Deck Area/Luas Dek terbuka : 353 m2 (open deck) + 103 m2 (service area)

Land Area/Luas Lahan : 1275 m2

BCR/KDB : 21,4 %

Design Year/ : Februari 2014 - Juni 2014

Construction Year : August 2014 - (pending)

Project Status : Building (Pending); Open Deck (Built)

Client/Klien : Mr. WM

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Project/Proyek : House / Rumah Tinggal

Architect/Arsitek : Raditya Mohamad

Location/Lokasi : Tabanan, Bali

Building Area /Luas Bangunan :

Land Area/Luas Lahan : 


Design Year/Tahun Desain : June 2016

Project Status : Proposal Client

Klien : KSS & MA

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Project/Proyek : House/Rumah

Architect/Arsitek : Raditya Mohamad

Location/Lokasi : Banjarbaru, Kalimantan Selatan

Building Area /Luas Bangunan : 143 m2 (ground floor), 100 m2 (1st floor)

Land Area/Luas Lahan : 221 m2

BCR/KDB : 64%

Design Year/Tahun Desain: April 2015 (new design development: January 2017)

Project Status : Proposal

Client/Klien : RA+DK

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The Balinese people used to build a complete configuration of Balinese House at least on the land area of 3 ares / 300m2. Lately, facing the availability of an average land area of 1 are, is there still an opportunity to get the quality of the house as it used to be? is it possible to develop "Sanga Mandala" which has become the basic concept of Balinese House, in a vertical way?

Is there any connection between modern Balinese society that is getting more simple, with the former concept of "minimalist" architecture (such as: furnitureless, furniture as architectural structure, etc)?

Is "asta kosala-kosali" still able to be applied fully or party? Or will it be more efficient if we adapt the universal way? In its adaptation, there will be a reduction in achieving equilibrium.

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