Adria Yurike Architects

Jalan Karang Tengah Raya #8Q (Ruko BIBC), 12440, Jakarta Selatan

Designed for a young family as a tropical escape in a relaxed part of South Jakarta, this house was setback from the road and covered with plants. From the main gate, stands a massive wall along the fish pond directing to the entrance lobby. The swimming pool lays in the middle of the land, separating two building masses, and becoming  the point of attraction. A set of random patterned steps blends in the huge garden connecting pool deck, swimming pool and the gazebo.

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Located near to the commercial district of Kemang, the neighborhood has fairly high density of residents. The aim of the project is to create an open and spacious feeling by creating an open and green space between.

Unlike the common "Town House", both of this building are separated by a wall that ends on the second floor roof garden to create a merged impression of this building without loosing the privacy for both of the users.

Both of the open courtyard are placed side by side at the side of the house and is surrounded by the family room, walk-in gallery and dining room.

Furthermore, this small house gives a loose kind of atmosphere afar from a packed atmosphere.

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