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Jl. Kemang Selatan 1/16C Jakarta Selatan 12730 Indonesia

The Kubikahomy aims to cater to university students from the surrounding area. The name itself was inspired by the building's facade, adorned with cubes that are decorative and functional at the same time. Each cube houses an outdoor AC condenser for each unit. Loft units are available for rent on the top floor, to accommodate visiting parents.   Upon completion, we faced a few challenges concerning weather and rainwater leakage. Kubikahomy was the only erected building for miles, so there were no wind buffers surrounding our site.

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The Kemang Women and Children's Hospital is our first hospital project. Hospital design requirements are the most complicated ones, and it was quite challenging to attempt to fit all of these requirements into such a limited site. The result is a 7-meter wide main building with a curved street-facing plane, a massing strategy to draw attention to the other sides as well. We tried to apply chromotherapy into the building; a therapy suggesting that certain colors have different healing effects for the patients' psyche, hence the color variation we used in our laminated polycarbonate windows.

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The family occupying this home wanted a lot of light and space, which the architect (and owner) provided by designing a 12-meter-tall void that opens out to the North. The most interesting feature in this house was inspired by the owner's nephew, who requested a concrete indoor slide that connects the top floor and the ground floor. It took a lot of effort and patience to construct this slide, as it was handcrafted manually on site, but the result is iconic.    

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Hotels are temporary residences. The client is a young visionary, who wants to transform the hotel into a work of art, adding a special emotional value to the temporary interaction between the hotel and its visitors. Whether it be personally painted murals in each room, or a facade decorated by one of Indonesia's most celebrated graffiti artists, Artotel Jakarta aims to stand out.

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The owner, a young businesswoman, wanted a less formal approach to office spaces, and a more flexible one. She wanted garden patches injected between work spaces, blurring the lines between inside and outside, creating sunlit, leafy spaces and bringing greenery indoors.   We added elevated bridges and corridors, creating dynamic connection between one massing and another, so that employees are free to roam the premises with ease, as they would through a park or a grove.

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The client is a very hands-on engineer who is quite challenging to negotiate with, so the original essence of the design was not entirely executed as intended during construction. Even so, the client trusts each decision made by the architects and designers involved in this project.

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The client was a very supportive young woman with an architectural background, who entrusted the whole design process to the architects. The design was completed efficiently during a relatively short period of time, during which, all professionals involved were forced to make quick, firm decisions while making adjustments on site.

The result is a unique school building, featuring pointed angles combined with visually attractive rosters, which created an unusual shell for an otherwise standard building function. This institution is meant to create a new emotional experience for the users it caters to: the children.

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Our main objective was to introduce a new apartment typology to Jakarta and its satellite cities. For Saumata's first tower, we designed a rectangular tower composed of interlocking high-end apartment units, creating dynamic textures on the tower's surface. But this objective has its challenges. It's quite hard to adjust this configuration against feng shui and sun orientation; not to mention the client has impeccable taste and paid close attention to detail. To filter sun exposure, especially on the West-facing side, we installed ACP golden fins, which gives a glowing effect to the tower at certain hours of the day.

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With the Foresta Business Loft, we wanted to introduce a new take on shop houses. By moving the parking lot underground, each unit comes with its own basement, and visitors won't have to park outdoors. Free from outdoor parking, we are able to provide landscaping to give pedestrians and tenants fresh experience. The first Foresta Business Loft took on rigid forms with slanted massing and diagonal elements.

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