Maple park Apartment, tower A, Lt UG, B205. jl. danau sunter barat kav A3-A4
a Mixed between home and office. On the ground floor, used as an office and upstairs is used as a house
PIK   |   3 Photos
an architecture design project for family of four, design with a resort concept in mind
PIK   |   12 Photos
studio apartment with scandinavian concept with combination between grey, white and woods colors
apartment ambassade   |   4 Photos
a healthy cafe in Jakarta with contemporary modern concept with a green touch. Photo credit to Shophaus Menteng and This is April
Shophaus Menteng   |   4 Photos
a white classic concept house
jeruk purut   |   8 Photos
a contemporary modern concept house
muara karang   |   12 Photos
A contemporary modern concept apartment design
Setiabudi   |   10 Photos
Showroom ASG Bali
Bali   |   18 Photos
An American Classic House Design
Yogyakarta   |   29 Photos
A contemporary modern home with a tropical concept touch, a special design for people who love to stay at home with resort feeling
Jakarta Garden City   |   25 Photos

all white design that combine between classic minimalist concept and modern minimalist. 

spring hill   |   12 Photos

a new modern classic concept for nail art salon at Pontianak.

Pontianak   |   20 Photos