10x10 Design

Ruko Komplek Bank Mandiri no. 12, Jalan Industri, Gunung Sahari, Jakarta Utara

A luxury mansion in Cilangkap with classic architectural facade. One of 10x10 Design early projects.

Cilangkap   |   4 Photos

A house in Pluit Mas with bright and sunny corridor - leading to bedrooms, and stair to the third floor with skylight and large window to allow air circulation and sunlight to go in and keeps this area naturally bright.

Pluit, Jakarta Utara   |   9 Photos

A tranquil house for retreat in Sentul, Bogor.

Simple unassuming front facade is actually the top level of the house, the bottom level is the bedroom and recreation area, leading to a sloping lush landscape of tropical garden, ending in some 40 m tall gorge overlooking a beautiful valley.

Sentul, Bogor   |   6 Photos

Renovation project - facade lift 

Full interior design and furnishing

Gading Serpong   |   14 Photos